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upcoming artist talk & workshop 

memory vs. memory : ly hoang ly + patricia nguyen 
MCA STUDIO, Musueum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois 

October 11, 2016

Patricia Nguyen discusses the historical context, theoretical approaches, and embodied gestures that inform her and Ly Hoàng Ly's lifetime performance-based collaboration, "memory vs. memory," which is shaped by seemingly divergent histories of communist revolution and war in Vietnam to offer possibilities for new worlds to emerge. The talk is followed by a postcard workshop led by the two collaborators.



past performances

xºEncuentro- eX-Céntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance, Santiago, Chile 

July 17-23, 2016

This performance sews together divergent histories of communist revolution, propaganda, and war in Vietnam to meet at the site of incarceration to heal through tea rituals. 



M.V.M. : Street
Prague Quadrenniel 2015, Prague, Czech Republic 

June 18-22, 2015


stains of memory seep into the crevices of spaces left unmarked and forgotten. rituals of song call upon witnesses to fill in the gaps. puncture. wound. mark. mend. glide over and through. sow/sew soil onto paper. sow/sew soil onto the paper. sow/sew the soil onto the paper. 

memory vs. memory
defribrillator, Chicago, Illinois

October 11, 2014


a world of the familiar enters the foreign as the foreign disappears into the familiar. a history that evades confinement. a story. a fable. a nightmare. a legend. a desire. a reality. a fantasy. to be re-membered relapased reiterated. captured within soil and water. unfolding. inheritances evade confinement. watch watch watch, watch until we watch ourselves.

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